Sunday, March 1, 2020

2. Memory - The Most Sacred Marble

Memories creep in like the cold air that slides over windowsills and drifts under doors, into a warm  and cozy home. They occupy our mind, till slowly and invisibly; it begins to fill. Where do we store them? These memories. We place our most cherished, joyous and sometimes painful or unbearable experiences inside memory vaults. Some of them open like a twist/off bottle; with a tiny spray of mist that take us somewhere else, away from here. Others, are triple locked with hidden passwords and keys. Some are carefully bolted and welded shut and we are made to believe they are gone, forever. 

How can sound trap a memory? How can playing a record transport us. to a different time? Of all the valuable things I posses, memories are the most dear to me. Unless their laughter is heard and unless their roots are watered from the tears summoned forth by sharing a few, the rust around the place we left them, corrodes the hinges on the door that gives us access. It is our soul's filing clerk who makes the decision on where these treasures get stored.

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