Friday, April 3, 2020

6. Will Power

The road to success in anything is paved with the tiles, of all the things one is un-willing to do to get there. Will what a powerful thing.

Many might say, “It can’t be that simple?”. 

I’m sorry. It is. 

If we boil down every goal we have and work in reverse, from what it would take to get to the next rung on that success ladder, one will always divide and divide until they reach a task that hasn't been done. 

A place they can't seem to get past. 
This inertia is NOT caused by lack of resources, finances or ANY other external stimuli. 

The square root of it will always come down to something: We have not done,
in most casese, because we have been un-willing.

Will. What a fascinating and powerful force it is. 

One of my classic, favorite movies is "The Usual Suspects" is a dark dramatic mystery movie with five robust characters. Imagine the screen time it takes to develop 5 characters in 2 hours and have one them leave an impression on you forever... Kaiser Soseh. For those who have seen the movie, you shudder at the mention of his name. Kaiser Soseh.

In this film their is a conversation where they discuss power and this character breaks all the myths of what true power is and boils it down to - the will to do what the other man will not. Scary. but it can also be beautiful. As with all power, it is how one uses it that determines one's fabric. Power is all together another topic, but all power has within it a very strong element of will. 

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