Thursday, September 20, 2018

4. The Magic of Dogs

The magic of a dog.

I’ve often thought about what it means to be a cat lover or a dog lover. What does it say about you? Your personality? Your characteristics? Your likes? 
Your independence? 
Your loyalty? 

Is it what you seek, because of what you lack? 
Or what you seek, because of what you are? 

I have a relationship of mutual respect with cats. I don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with me. 

I am not drawn to them, nor are they drawn to me. But let's be honest, cats are rarely drawn to anything other than what they desire in that moment. I respect them; but because of our estranged relationship, I cannot speak of cats. We are not close enough for me to do so, and I would not like to put that delicate relationship in jeopardy. 

Dogs, well that's an entirely different story.

Dogs are magic. They are wonder filled monuments of comprehension. Testimonies to the human race on love and loyalty and everything in-between. Their empirical senses go far beyond what any of us could imagine. More than this, they are bastions of igniting self-belief in others. And the greatest part, they seem happy to do it. In fact, how well they can do it seems to be their crowning achievement. 
I know entire lives that have changed because the life of this sacred animal was at play. They are teachers of love and compassion and loyalty. 

You could say I’m a dog guy. It would be hard to come to these conclusions about dogs without having grown up with or around them. I’m not so fond of the little ones who feel they own the world, but hey nobody's perfect.

I prefer a big ol’ somuma-gun to wrestle with but even those little guys got a lota’ heart, a lota’ smarts, and a lota' character. And you can bet your ass they got mounds of loyalty.

I had an interesting and somewhat troubling thought one afternoon watching my neighbors dog play in the yard. It came in the form of a question. 

The source of most of my eye opening realizations come in the form of the right question. We spend our lives chasing answers, when most often the answers we seek, are waiting for us to stumble on them, behind the right question. 

"Do dogs know the overwhelming way society 

leans on them?"

Can they feel the burden of this weight? 

Humanity leans on a dog's love and character more so than any other animal, especially these days. If the cognition and evolution of all species has been and is taking place (ourselves included); 

I wonder if dogs are aware of the responsibility we place on their shoulders to love us at all costs, when we fail at loving ourselves and loving each-other

...At their conferences they must gather and ask their colleagues the pressing questions like,

"How do we keep humanity believing in themselves?"

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