Monday, October 29, 2018

6. When Will We Start to Invest in the Future?

TEACHERS... Our Last Hope.

Day by day, the world goes on, and like a crystal ball in our palm, we try and see where it all went wrong, when we had the answers all along. Teachers, our last hope.

That talk was given to 2 school districts in Texas that were doing a staff education training on student teacher connection. One of the the big focuses for me, especially in the education arena and addressing a floor full of; 1) Disengaged Students 2) Tired, Checked out Teachers, I try and bridge the gap of understanding in a way, that resonates with all; inclusive of the least common denominator. I find tapping into that place is something very few are able to do. I think it's important to understand community. My goal is to have infuse an energy  into my surroundings that will have the hallways buzzing for weeks after I am gone..

During my presentation/performance, I try and navigate between the character and academic driven needs of the adults & the self-discovery & entertainment geared needs of students. The most important thing is a heartfelt & fully authentic connection with both.

I rely heavily on my highly adaptive communication style, a result of my highly eclectic upbringing. It's important that the profound be from the heart and although the subject matter can be highly intellectualized; the deepest lessons of my talks are really in the most mindless; The Entertainment. My goals are to gift your students with a memory they will never forget, gift your teachers with someone who cares, and gift your administrators with a legacy.

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