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2. Deep Soul Defined

Often times we describe someone, or hear of someone describing someone as an “old” or "deep soul”. This person seems to possesses an unsuspecting wisdom about the the world around them. They seem to have insight of value and meaning into people and things. The short time they have spend on the planet seems incongruent with the depth of insight they intuit. This insight often manifests strongly in their capacity to discern. To take circumstances and/or situations and be able to see into them. Peeling back the layers of this gift, is a closer look at how things can be perceived with such a magnified lens.

Let us start with the 5 senses. 

Growing up I had a very small comic card collection, and depending on which company made the cards, when you flipped it over, it showed a breakdown of each hero or villain's powers. 

Think of these humans with a gifted depth in their scope of vision. Any gift is amplified by the sensibilities that the gift relies on. In other words, to be able to see out with such profundity, it only make sense that their "senses" which give them their input are also are also heightened.

 Touch is amplified. Not only do they feel the physical pleasure with greater elation, but also experience the depths of pain at an increased velocity. An extremely deep soul is one for whom every sense seems to have the capacity of intense discernment. 

In other words, the furthest evolution of one’s senses. We drink the world with our ears, our eyes, our touch, our smell, our tongue. 

It is important to note this is not always from experience, but more that the “palate” of senses is impressionable by the world. 
Furthermore, not all beings are given even a fraction of the opportunity to asses whether they are able to denote between a multitude of scents and the subtleties within those scents.

The secondary measure by which sense (no pun intended) is made of all this, has to do with the cognition in processing what has been ingested. From these senses, one gathers a visceral relationship with the world and people around them, literally heightening the way they are able to relate (since the way we generally relate to our surroundings is through our senses). 

If one has such “empirical depth” across the board in the 5 generally accepted senses, then the rate at which they take in or experience is vastly different and amplified.

A common debate between Soulosopher’s is whether the evolution of soul is based on these attributes, or simply heightened because of them and exists as a separate non-dependent sense, like that of traditional knowledge through logic.

 A central belief in the principle of Soulsophy echoes the karmic principle of eternal life, but seeks less to etch out what we are or why we are, only that in borrowing directly from the first rule of science, “Energy cannot neither be created or destroyed, only transferred.”  In applying this to our essence, or the question of our souls, 
Soulosophy says we always have been.

In this way, it accounts for the notion of recognition when two people feel as if they have met, and the uncanny familiarity they feel with each-other. Many would say this is due to some type of meeting, acquaintanceship, or friendship in another “life” and maybe another “form”.

Again, Soulosophy does not attempt to “fill in the blanks” of the existential questions, only etch out a framework whose principle reference point is “soul” based with an attentive awareness of feeling and intuitive knowings, rather than story based such as religion, or logic based, such as philosophy. 

In outlining said difference between these common (and often intersecting) schools of thought it important to map out differences so as to differentiate and designate each to their own relative field.



Soulosophy can best be described as an “outlook” or even an “in-look” for that matter.  A distant second to this mild characterization is an “ideology”, but even then the ideas themselves are simply an outlook on a force 

7. What's the Difference between LA and NY?

Recently I had an interaction with a girl from Los Angeles. This brief exchange was able to effectively pin-point an answer to a question I have been asked many times.

“What’s the biggest difference between L.A. and N.Y.?”

Whenever I’m asked this question I take a long pause and try to connect with a crystal clear feeling, but something I always struggled to voice. It’s more of an intangible atmosphere, than a palpable sentiment. After this encounter, if there is time (New York minutes go by very fast) and the setting is casual I simply respond with this anecdote:

One a late NY evening as I was looking out at the city over my balcony I called my friend in Los Angeles who was having dinner with one of his associates (another L.A. socialite). Mid conversation, he passed the phone to her in hopes that we say hi and connect. This is a good time to point out, he had been drinking and she probably had a few herself. Our conversation began nice and light, reflective of a typical sunny day in California. Before he passed the phone to her, we had been discussing my recent break-up and although I didn’t remember sharing the discussion with her, she immediately began inquiring about it. I answered her questions, and in an attempt to meet her disposition started off very bright and sunny. Very "L.A.".

me-“Hi! How are you? Very nice to meet you?

her-“Hiiiii!. Good, thanks… Soooo, you recently broke up with your girlfriend huh?”

me-“Umm, Yeah, I did.”

her-“Well, you sound sad about it? 

me-“Maybe… a little, but I’m ok.

her-No. Seriously. Why?”

*Please note -This is where the conversation turned a bit New York
(direct and to the mother fuckin’ point). 

**Please also note, I have never met this girl seen this girl or been formally introduced to her.
But I knew my friend cared for her so I said,

“Please don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t mean any offense by this, but, you and I don’t know each other well enough for me to answer that question or for us to be having this particular conversation.” - (yikes)

Can you hear the voice of every L.A. girl? I know you can and I wish we could all bellow out in perfect unison together,  

her - “Oh my Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd. Ruuwwwwwude!”
That was not her response. Instead she said,

       Sorray! I was just trying to sound interested.


And that right thurr, embedded in that little microcosm of human interaction,
was the gem I had been searching for all these years. It beautifully summed up an answer I could never succinctly voice. What’s the biggest difference between Los Angeles and New York?

Now let’s get to my favorite part, 

- “I was just trying to SOUND interested.”

I’m not even sure what that means. If I had to take a stab at it, and put on my best L.A. reading glasses on, I would venture to say that in her world, pretending to care about something you don’t care about.. at all, deserves applause. Many say New Yorkers are rude, that they don’t care about people. I don’t find this to be true. Maybe rough around the edges, maybe gruff, and maybe a bit hurried in their day to day, but if you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone asking about your relationship, I can assure you, they ARE interested, and they are concerned, and the last thing they got time for is to try and SOUND interested. Where they come from, that’s worse than not giving a shit. 

Furthermore with regards to the "apology".

Sorray! I was just trying to sound interested.

An apology that meant the opposite of what it stated. It was about the same key and frequency of our “Oh my Gawwd. Ruuude!" chorus. In New York, people say what they mean, and mean what they say. You would be so lucky to get an apology, even when deserved, but no one feels compelled to throw out an apology they don’t mean. You sure as hell aren’t hearing “sorry” from anyone who doesn’t mean it. You might here, “Go f—— yourself” but you will never have to wonder where you stand with someone. In the words of the profound woman in the news clip where the was a fire, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

By the way I did get the chance to meet this friend in person and for the record, she is quite sweet. However, she did bring up that conversation immediately and her first remark was…

“Oh my Gawwd. You were so Ruuude! I was just trying to be nice.”

 I’m exhausted.

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2. Deep Soul Defined

Often times we describe someone, or hear of someone describing someone as an “old” or "deep soul”. This person seems to possesses...