Saturday, April 4, 2020

7. Regenerative State of Energy & Quality Time

People are quick to discuss the need for sleep; which I would be-grudgingly admit, is a real thing. We obsess over the quantity of time that is spent doing anything, however, we scarcely think about the quality of time we ingest Imagine your seconds to be like the calories you consume; one second, the equivalent of one calorie. Carry the analogy further to the value found inside one calorie vs another and apply that to our understanding of "quality time". In other words, the quality of our time may determine how healthy of a meal we are living each day. Have you given any thought to the quality of your seconds? We give thought to the quality of our meals, why not place a high priority on the quality of the seconds we ingest. By default this would include:

1) The company it is spent with,
2) The activities it's spent on,
3) The type of responses and stressors such time places on our bodies.

Please don't mistake this to mean that any degree of stress is to be avoided. What I mean, rather, is that since stress, in practice (for most of us) cannot be completely avoided, I find it best to put our bodies under stress for the things that matter to us. Even the subject of our stress affects the quality of  our minds and our minutes.

When we suffer by choice for things we believe in and that relationship is in tact, the way we suffer that stress is completely different and dare I say much less "stressful". This relationship becomes especially important when committing to a task regularly is required of us, for long periods of time. Think about an athlete training day in and day out, or a performer required to deliver the same line with the same emotion every show for months. Unless one is tied to a personal cause and passion powerful enough, it is incomprehensible to connect to that type of request of the mind and body. This is why many people who exercise regularly feel lethargic if they miss their work out. The quality of those minutes are super charged with replenishing nutrients in multiple areas so it counter balances the loss of energy and regenerates a surge of it.

See Diagram:

Energy Expenditure                 Energy Generation
        Caloric                                      Pre - Setting/Having a goal
                 Muscle fatigue                           Post - Accomplishing  said goal.
                                    Self- Esteem
                                        Muscle growth
                                                                     Anarobic Endorphin creating high
                                                                   Circulation - blood flow to brain
                                             Think more Fluid

Friday, April 3, 2020

6. Will Power

The road to success in anything is paved with the tiles, of all the things one is un-willing to do to get there. Will what a powerful thing.

Many might say, “It can’t be that simple?”. 

I’m sorry. It is. 

If we boil down every goal we have and work in reverse, from what it would take to get to the next rung on that success ladder, one will always divide and divide until they reach a task that hasn't been done. 

A place they can't seem to get past. 
This inertia is NOT caused by lack of resources, finances or ANY other external stimuli. 

The square root of it will always come down to something: We have not done,
in most casese, because we have been un-willing.

Will. What a fascinating and powerful force it is. 

One of my classic, favorite movies is "The Usual Suspects" is a dark dramatic mystery movie with five robust characters. Imagine the screen time it takes to develop 5 characters in 2 hours and have one them leave an impression on you forever... Kaiser Soseh. For those who have seen the movie, you shudder at the mention of his name. Kaiser Soseh.

In this film their is a conversation where they discuss power and this character breaks all the myths of what true power is and boils it down to - the will to do what the other man will not. Scary. but it can also be beautiful. As with all power, it is how one uses it that determines one's fabric. Power is all together another topic, but all power has within it a very strong element of will. 

5. Approaching the Fear (Failure - Part 1)

The potential of failing is the very thing that makes any risk worth taking.  Imagine if we were endowed with the absolution of success? It would be an impermeable fortress of boredom that would ultimately suffocate our complete existence.  

Imagine stepping onto any court without the fear of failure; The absolute thrill of the game is gone.  Imagine going for a job interview certain that one would gain the position. Where is the vindication for our long hours and what is the differential?

Imagine a young man reaching to make a connection with a lady, he sees for the first time, and knowing that the prick of rejection is NOT something he will have to face. Initially, this might seem appealing. Initially, all of it is tempting, luring, and even misleadingly attractive.  However, with no risk – What is the point?  If all will be successful…regardless of their efforts?

Where can we differentiate talent, greatness, discipline, tenacity, patience, morale?  And what becomes of success? Other than being merely reduced to a consolation for all: bland, saltless, dead. The barometer of all those previously named virtues would be lost, because the very OPPORTUNITY of failure would be gone.  Yes, the opportunity of failure.  It seems like a contradiction, however, failure is the only result that that we can guarantee has a positive outcome.  Many times when we are rewarded with success, it can be quite often a surprising disappointment, yet every time we are faced with failure there is always something to gain whose presence is not an ethereal sensation, but a brick with roots in the foundation of our character.

There are many people who seek to eliminate every variable possible and account for every circumstance before they will trust, move forward, or attempt at something new.  I too have been guilty of this.  There is nothing wrong with considering all your possibilities and even thinking through mutually exclusive options, and/or even playing out scenarios.  However, it is when we somehow feel that we have outsmarted fate in accounting for all the variables that we ultimately suffer miserably in two ways: 1) the regret of never knowing because we didn’t try paralyzed by our fear or our past 2) the regret of our shattered expectations (which were ultimately based on our “mastery of ration”).

They say, “You want to make God laugh? Make plans.”

I like to say, “You want to see God’s plans? Start laughing…” 

In other words: start going for it, take a shot, take a chance, fall, slide, really going after it, her, them, etc…  Every powerful, motivating slogan that has ever stuck with us, is urging us to dive off the precipice of safety into the writhing waters of uncertainty, very much because we DON’T know what would or could happen and not because we do:

Just Do It.

Impossible is Nothing.

Y.O.L.O. (as much as I hate it!)

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.This last one is literally URGING us, beckoning us to brillinatly FAIL. I lost sight of this some time ago.  Although to many in my life, it still seemed like I was heeding my fearlessness because I would take on what “most” would consider chances: A chance on my dream, a chance on my career, a chance on a girl.  But it is absolutely irrelevant what the chatter around you says about whether you are “risking failure” because truth be told, no matter how close their relation to you, these people will never know your threshold or capacity nor the size of your ambitions. 

If we are not out of our comfort zone we are not truly risking. Unless we are challenging ourselves we are cheating “The Man in the Glass”.

 It is the very same in any type of athletic training. There is absolutely no way for someone outside your body to know if you have given EVERYTHING you have in that last minute or the last rep, just as it is impossible for anyone to ever know if you are maximizing in your risk, save you.

I long to make this the year where I listen to the voices of my soul like a north star guiding my spirit instead of a repressed child gnawing at my pant leg. The unpredictable variables are the very definition of life. They say "Your Failures do not define you." Yes they do.  Yes they do.  They define your ability to get back up.  They define your fearlessness to continue to take chances. To Love again.  They define, the invisible armor that has formed like barnacles on your spirit adding another degree of power for all who have survived, withstood, conquered.  They define all the forces that were less than, not equal, and could not compare to your strength.

Show me the man or woman who has failed countless times and I will show you a giant. 

*I stumbled, crashed, crawled, cried, fell, toppled, teetered, crashed... 

The reward: I learned to walk.

*I mumbled, screamed, burped, hicupped, squeeked, squaked, laughed, cried some more, stuttered, was misunderstood, couldn't express myself... 

The reward: I learned to talk.

And so it goes with everything I have ever undertaken that has led me anywhere,
how easily I forgot the countless failures that ultimately led me to success.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

4. There we are - Contact Made.

Generally, people DO things differently because we SEE things differently. Most of us, when we look at each other, immediately (whether consciously or not) cling to what makes a person different from us, or us different from a person. Something that is certainly tied to our identity. This can also be attributed to the unavoidable categorization of everything. Please listen to this brilliant interview with re-known astrophysist Dr. Neil De'grasse Tyson on the Conan O'brien show.

Today, it seems we have forgotten how to have a conversation about the way someone else sees things. We are locked in to our view, our vision,
and when entering a “conversation” we are thrilled at being given the opportunity to voice our beliefs. Yet it seems as though, despite the amount we are “expressing” ourselves and our opinions online, society as a whole and most people on an individual level still feel unheard, like they are lacking connection, and ultimately lonely? 

How is that? Maybe this is all together a different matter. What usually happens when we sit with most people today? 

It feels much like they drain out their unheard insides, like they have not been truly heard by another human soul in ages... Sound familiar? You're not alone.

I think we can also partially attribute this, to what our beings are lacking and our recently adapted perspective on what we have come to understand as "sharing".
For me, the experience of “sharing” is based on a human exchange of
1. Thoughts 
2. Energy
3. Action/Goal
4. Play. 

There are some that might say, the comment section beneath this post is an example of such an exchange. Put very simply and meant in the most respectful manner, I would have a different perspective than those people... And in light of the present state of the world, maybe you do too?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

3. Energy - Soular Power

If we're tuned in to what we're feeling at all times, we will start to observe everything that has an Effect on our being and Affects our being, both in the physical sense and in the emotional sense. We will start to notice how deeply our muscles are connected to our stress levels and the tension in our shoulders.

How masterfully and easily our mind is responsible for the worry lines on our brow, and even how our shame has taken over many of our postures. With such simple intentions, we  begin to literally feel our energy. Making this connection, brings expressions like, "You’re giving me so much life right now” to life, as their meaning becomes just as literal, as it is figurative when we interact.

We choose how we dispense our energy, with whom and on what. 
Who do we give it to? Is it a cause that is worthy of pouring into? 

Only the most meaningful aspects and parts of your life deserve your energy.

Their is an invisible exchange of currency going on in the universe that many do not even notice is taking place. Most of the time, it's not very acute to the eye but it can be felt in someone's presence and even in the first words that leave their lips when upon connecting. Please do not mistake this judgement, judgement is making conclusions in the absence of evidence to support such conclusions. To be present to the multiple layers of someone's being and using the transmission of those very clear and notable messages, is not sorcery, it's simply reading what's on the page. Once we learn to assemble the alphabet or the symbols we are seeing, whenever we see the patterns of letters, we read without even intending to.

We know time never stops. We know goods get bartered, and credits get traded and sold, but in every instant of our life there is an exchange of energy taking place as well. To not only perceive but interpret this is akin to a 7th sense - the awareness of this "soul" energy or Soulergy TM happening between you and the divined things in your surroundings. You are giving or receiving, as they are taking or returning. Many things “fill us” and many things deplete us. 

We can use our skin as a simple example to illustrate the invisibility of something, yet it's undoubted effects such as temperature and humidity and how they can renew or and replenish our skin or how it can be dried out by rough conditions in immoderate temperatures and other elements. If you can harness the sense that does that with energy, you are in possession of a great gift. 

It can be a gift of thieves and magicians or a gift of Gods.The ability to construct and deconstruct the Soulergy of the world as a child does play dough. Never creating or destroying, only ever wittling away into imperceptible specs or building, imagining, connecting and transferring. Tap into your "Soular Powers."

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