Wednesday, April 1, 2020

3. Energy - Soular Power

If we're tuned in to what we're feeling at all times, we will start to observe everything that has an Effect on our being and Affects our being, both in the physical sense and in the emotional sense. We will start to notice how deeply our muscles are connected to our stress levels and the tension in our shoulders.

How masterfully and easily our mind is responsible for the worry lines on our brow, and even how our shame has taken over many of our postures. With such simple intentions, we  begin to literally feel our energy. Making this connection, brings expressions like, "You’re giving me so much life right now” to life, as their meaning becomes just as literal, as it is figurative when we interact.

We choose how we dispense our energy, with whom and on what. 
Who do we give it to? Is it a cause that is worthy of pouring into? 

Only the most meaningful aspects and parts of your life deserve your energy.

Their is an invisible exchange of currency going on in the universe that many do not even notice is taking place. Most of the time, it's not very acute to the eye but it can be felt in someone's presence and even in the first words that leave their lips when upon connecting. Please do not mistake this judgement, judgement is making conclusions in the absence of evidence to support such conclusions. To be present to the multiple layers of someone's being and using the transmission of those very clear and notable messages, is not sorcery, it's simply reading what's on the page. Once we learn to assemble the alphabet or the symbols we are seeing, whenever we see the patterns of letters, we read without even intending to.

We know time never stops. We know goods get bartered, and credits get traded and sold, but in every instant of our life there is an exchange of energy taking place as well. To not only perceive but interpret this is akin to a 7th sense - the awareness of this "soul" energy or Soulergy TM happening between you and the divined things in your surroundings. You are giving or receiving, as they are taking or returning. Many things “fill us” and many things deplete us. 

We can use our skin as a simple example to illustrate the invisibility of something, yet it's undoubted effects such as temperature and humidity and how they can renew or and replenish our skin or how it can be dried out by rough conditions in immoderate temperatures and other elements. If you can harness the sense that does that with energy, you are in possession of a great gift. 

It can be a gift of thieves and magicians or a gift of Gods.The ability to construct and deconstruct the Soulergy of the world as a child does play dough. Never creating or destroying, only ever wittling away into imperceptible specs or building, imagining, connecting and transferring. Tap into your "Soular Powers."

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