Saturday, April 4, 2020

7. Regenerative State of Energy & Quality Time

People are quick to discuss the need for sleep; which I would be-grudgingly admit, is a real thing. We obsess over the quantity of time that is spent doing anything, however, we scarcely think about the quality of time we ingest Imagine your seconds to be like the calories you consume; one second, the equivalent of one calorie. Carry the analogy further to the value found inside one calorie vs another and apply that to our understanding of "quality time". In other words, the quality of our time may determine how healthy of a meal we are living each day. Have you given any thought to the quality of your seconds? We give thought to the quality of our meals, why not place a high priority on the quality of the seconds we ingest. By default this would include:

1) The company it is spent with,
2) The activities it's spent on,
3) The type of responses and stressors such time places on our bodies.

Please don't mistake this to mean that any degree of stress is to be avoided. What I mean, rather, is that since stress, in practice (for most of us) cannot be completely avoided, I find it best to put our bodies under stress for the things that matter to us. Even the subject of our stress affects the quality of  our minds and our minutes.

When we suffer by choice for things we believe in and that relationship is in tact, the way we suffer that stress is completely different and dare I say much less "stressful". This relationship becomes especially important when committing to a task regularly is required of us, for long periods of time. Think about an athlete training day in and day out, or a performer required to deliver the same line with the same emotion every show for months. Unless one is tied to a personal cause and passion powerful enough, it is incomprehensible to connect to that type of request of the mind and body. This is why many people who exercise regularly feel lethargic if they miss their work out. The quality of those minutes are super charged with replenishing nutrients in multiple areas so it counter balances the loss of energy and regenerates a surge of it.

See Diagram:

Energy Expenditure                 Energy Generation
        Caloric                                      Pre - Setting/Having a goal
                 Muscle fatigue                           Post - Accomplishing  said goal.
                                    Self- Esteem
                                        Muscle growth
                                                                     Anarobic Endorphin creating high
                                                                   Circulation - blood flow to brain
                                             Think more Fluid

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