Monday, September 28, 2020

8. Plateau of Creative Evolution


I wonder how many creatives hit this place. You will know what I am describing only if you have been there. There is a stage of “creative enlightenment where literally everything one gazes upon is seen to have beauty, meaning and relevance. It is the same lens that poets and artists of have used for many generations, to create their masterpieces.

There is a name for those of us who have hit this plateau and live only to assemble aesthetic in such manner. It is called The Realm of Exponential Imaginationwhereas every morsel of stimulus in front of our senses, is catalyst to another “creation”. It is like experiencing zen in the world of creativity. There is no body, mass, or physical composition, that cannot be constructed into something of meaning and relevance.


There are men and women who are pouring out with creativity in every fiber in their being. It is not an intention, it simply is. Many times, it is even not desired. The world is seen in such a manner whereas every insight, gives birth to a creative onslaught: a barrage of ideas birthing new ideas. Our hand starts moving on their own, roaming across the blank space. They just know what to do, like some men when they touch the body of a woman. Our art tells us a bed-time story and we watching it whirl in wonder like a spinning top that never stops. Our hips embrace the kisses of bass, from the drums of eternity and we literally give birth to movement, phrases, sequences. Our limbs become enchanted cousins; laughing, dancing, skipping rope, and splitting particles in the air. Then it pours into our feet, and we dance. We don’t try to dance, we dance.


It’s harder for us not to move. It’s impossible for us not to sing. It’s the clipping of our wings for us not to fly. It’s murder. To create is to be breathe. Many are disguised trying to be us, but they are not. They don’t know what it is to yearn for creative perfection in the execution of our work. They only want others to think it, “looks” “seems” “sounds” like great art. This is not our concern.

Our only concern, our only interest is; We have made our best effort at wonder and truth. We aim to satiate the depth of our own creative hunger and it’s capabilities, not to take orders from the unoriginal barrage of what society deems trendy or popular. If our work inspires, reaches the human spirit, and is relatable because of those things we are thrilled. However, the purpose of our work must never be to wholly infiltrate and mimic the existing trends, because we know by the time these trends have gotten to you, they are already dying. Our goal is always to share and spread, but never at the sake of truth and beauty. We study the formula, only to replace the variables with meaning and lasting value. 


The trend itself is like a rose in full bloom; every second after that moment, it is dying. This doesn’t tarnish it’s credibility, it simply means, we, The Creatives, are already searching for the next plateau. We want to discover it, want to put a flag on the crater of un-unreached depth of mind and our soul and say, “I found it! It’s beautiful!” It is a conquest of originality. A game of solitaire where the playing cards are the beauty we see and the gifts we have.


If there are other’s of you out there, we must find a way to conceptually design impact together.

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8. Plateau of Creative Evolution

   INTRODUCTION I wonder how many creatives hit this place. You will know what I am describing only if you have been there. There is a sta...